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Songs from Tibet
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ARC MUSIC - World music
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1. Zhi Wai Gang Seng / Snow Lion of Peace (Lhamo Kyab, arr. Techung / Miguel Frasconi, lyrics: Chabdrak Phonya) - 7:27

2. Kham Lu / A Song to the Mountains (Eastern Tibetan trad.) - 3:46

3. Drechang Silma / Fresh Rice Chang (trad.) - 3:27

4. Losar (instr.) (Techung) - 5:01

5. Supheb La / Come, Everyone (trad.) - 1:32

6. Kelsang Sungla Yardo / Auspicious One, Melodiously Ascending (trad.) - 3:51

7. Yekor La / Circle (trad.) - 2:39

8. Yarlung Trinzang / The Tranquil Cloud of Yarlung (trad.) - 4:11

9. Pangen Metok / Flowers, the Ornament of the Pasture (trad., arr. Techung / Kit Walker, lyrics: Tashi D. Sharzur) - 4:58

10. Serkyi Trungphor / The Golden Drinking Bowl (trad.) - 3:03

11. Chakla Phepsam / Welcome (trad.) - 2:22

12. Nyima Sarpa / Evanescent Love (Techung, Miguel Frasconi) - 4:51

13. Sumdren Nyethak / Drink Three Times (trad., arr. Techung, lyrics: Tashi D. Sharzur) - 3:29

14. Lochung Semo / Young Princess (Techung) - 3:43
Renowned Tibetan singer and composer Techung presents Tibetan freedom songs, dance songs, drinking songs, love songs... Accompanied on authentic instruments damnyen (lute), piwang (spike fiddle), lingbu (flute) and modern instruments. Booklet includes extensive info about the artist, the music and the instruments, plus lyrics and photos. Techung is a prominent Tibetan singer/songwriter. He is best known for his performances of traditional Tibetan music, dance, and opera under the name Tashi Dhondup Sharzur. However, he uses his childhood nickname, Techung, when performing as a solo artist. Whether performing in traditional or contemporary styles, his dual goals are to revive Tibetan music in the Tibetan community and to expose the rich performing cultural tradition of his homeland to the world community. In addition to being looked up to as one of the keepers of traditional Tibetan musical traditions, Techung is also respected for the original solo and collaborative music he creates by drawing on both his own heritage and his familiarity with other world music traditions Since 2004 Techung has performed live opening acts for His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, at public talks in USA, Costa Rica and Japan.
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