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Danielpour: Songs in Three Languages
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Richard Danielpour
Antonio Lysy, David Walther, Hila Plitmann, Inna Faliks, Iranshahr Orchestra, Marcia Dickstein, Shahāb Pāranj
NAXOS, NAXOS American Classics
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Songs of Love and Loss
1 No. 1. Exuberant
2 No. 2. Misterioso
3 No. 3. Triste
4 No. 4. Andante (Simply flowing)
5 No. 5. Lively

Canti della natura (Songs of Nature)
6 No. 1. Estate (Summer): Moderato e cantabile
7 No. 2. Estate (Summer): Maestoso
8 No. 3. Autumno (Autumn): Grazioso
9 No. 4. Autumno (Autumn): Larghetto (languid)
10 No. 5. Autumno (Autumn): Lively, leggiero ben misurato
11 No. 6. Inverno (Winter): Molto moderato
12 No. 7. Inverno (Winter): Adagio con rubato
13 No. 8. Inverno (Winter): Con moto
14 No. 9. Cambio di Stagione (Change of Season) (Intermezzo): Molto adagio teneramente
15 No. 10. Primavera (Spring): Con moto
16 No. 11. Primavera (Spring): Largo
17 No. 12. Primavera (Spring): Finale (Country Dance): Scherzando

Songs of My Father
18 No. 1. Grazioso e cantabile
19 No. 2. Floating, as if in a dream
20 No. 3. Molto moderato
Richard Danielpour has collaborated frequently with soprano Hila Plitmann, and this album features three recent works, two of which were written specifically for her. The song cycles heard here are sung in three languages central to the composer’s life. Songs of Love and Loss is in Farsi and sets the poetry of Rumi; Canti Della Natura, in Italian, takes sonnets attributed to Vivaldi in The Four Seasons; while Songs of My Father is set to the English poems of Danielpour’s father. Each cycle features differing instrumentation and reflects Danielpour’s long-admired compositional subtlety and refinement.
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